Happiness Status

May contain spoilers:

It’s been a while since this list had been created and well, some of you may be wondering what I have accomplished.  Now you could be patient and just wait for me to blog about the different line items, or you can check the list below.

  1. Move out of Hell – My own personal hell was the state of Florida Complete
  2. Live downtown – Either Philly or DC  Complete
  3. Take Dance Lessons – Ballet was my first choice Complete/Ongoing
  4. Get in Shape – Eat healthy and keep an exercise routine Umm, lets not talk about this one
  5. Take advantage of the city – Arts, culture, and music galore Ongoing
  6. Run a 5K – World’s worst runner, thought maybe I’d get a runner’s high Doctor and Physical therapist say fat chance
  7. Improve my French – Love the language TBA
  8. Listen to more live music – I rarely went to concerts or local venues Ongoing
  9. Learn to play guitar – Used to be very musical and miss it TBA
  10. Travel – Europe, Canada, the US (just not Florida) Planned
  11. Find ways to be creative – needing to express myself Does a Blog count?
  12. Get Organized – those who have seen my room understand eek! TBA
  13. Volunteer – warms the heart TBA
  14. Support my teamsmy love got lost, but I’ve found it Ongoing
  15. CookI sometimes make things that are edible Ongoing
my love got lost, but I’ve found it

6 Responses to “Happiness Status”

  1. yes a blog counts. it’s your creative outlet. and really, living your life the way you want to is creative. don’t let anyone else tell you different.

    • Awww, thanks! Yes, this is definitely creative writing for me. I do this and make Towel cakes for bridal showers (ya know, towels from the registry). Will have to post some of those pics eventually. HA.

  2. Aw, you make me want to start a list. First item is “get over phone issues”. Ha ha ha.

    See – you’re an inspiration to all.

    Heart you!

  3. Wow, I fell down the Twitter hole, and ended up here….. I admire your list, and, go figure, I just made one last week! Beginning of the school year is always a new beginning for me…. I work in a school, and my kids start next week, this is the time I of year I prefer New Year’s resolutions, anyway!! your comments on LTT/LTR always make me chuckle. …Rock on, sister-friend, and always choose you. I love that. 🙂

    • So happy that you are tweeting! not sure how you ended up here, since you only JUST started to follow me, but glad you fount it. The list seems to be ever evolving, but I like having others keeping me on track. Good luck on your list!

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