The List

November/December 2008 was the absolute lowest point of my life. I single-handedly kept generic pharma companies in business with the insane amount of alprazolam and Bupropion Hydrochloride SR I was consuming. My panic attacks were severe, I couldn’t keep food down, I cried all the time and felt like a shadow of my former self.  Out of my misery, I began thinking about things that would make me happy. My brother suggested putting a list together. The belief was that if the intentions were written down in a concrete way, I would be forced to acknowledge them and make them happen. My checklist to happiness was born.

The List

  1. Move out of Hell – My own personal hell was the state of Florida
  2. Live downtown – Either Philly or DC
  3. Take Dance Lessons – Ballet was my first choice
  4. Get in Shape – Eat healthy and keep an exercise routine
  5. Take advantage of the city – Arts, culture, and music galore
  6. Run a 5K – World’s worst runner, thought maybe I’d get a runner’s high
  7. Improve my French – Love the language
  8. Listen to more live music – I rarely went to concerts or local venues
  9. Learn to play guitar – Used to be very musical and miss it
  10. Travel – Europe, Canada, the US (just not Florida)
  11. Find ways to be creative – needing to express myself
  12. Get Organized – those who have seen my room understand
  13. Volunteer – warms the heart
  14. Support my teams – my love got lost, but I’ve found it
  15. Cook – I sometimes make things that are edible

Pssst…do you want to know the status of the list? Click here.


11 Responses to “The List”

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  2. The list!! Can we do #6 together?! I’m supposed to be training for a marathon. Whoops. I can’t wait to see all these checked off.

  3. Love your list!!! You will be letting us know when you do these right?

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  5. […] The List   […]

  6. […] The List   […]

  7. You are awesome.

    That is all.

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  9. […] The List   […]

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