Farewell 2009, you sucked

Warning: This blog post may be slightly depressing, only a little snarky, and very very true.

I’ve now written this introduction four times and none of it seems adequate, I will just have to leave you with this – I’m freaking glad that 2009 is over.

2009 Recap


  • Lived in Hell (Florida)
  • Lost a bunch of weight due to severe anxiety attacks
  • Left Hell for a lessor version of Hell (moved back in with my parents – that is, after begging them)


  • Started job with former company in Center City Philadelphia
  • Had major blow out fight with the Step Monster; she remains an evil bitch throughout the month.
  • Took Ballet lessons along with other dance styles
  • Read the entire Twilight series twice and used it as an escape from the currently hellish situation
  • Had final blowout with step monster after she said that my ex was lucky to get out of the relationship with me
  • Moved into Noodle’s parents house
  • Discovered new addiction called Twitter


  • Started to gain weight because anxiety attacks have stopped
  • Discovered LTT and started an email friendship with UC
  • Future roomie backed out of future apartment plans, stuck at Noodle’s parents for a while longer
  • Booked trip to Seattle for Twitour2009/PNW trip
  • Attended friend’s bridal shower and bachelorette party – stoked that no panic attack ensued
  • Realized that only boys under the age of 25 are single and flirting
  • Received harassing calls from the Skank (ex friend, currently with ex-fiance)
  • Step Monster discovered that I am officially not talking to her, so she called to bitch me out


  • Began making other friendships through LTT
  • Knee gave out, can’t dance
  • Found an apartment in Center City through Craig’s list with a cool roommate
  • Uber Douche and the Skank both called and harassed me, resulting in me changing  my phone number
  • Uber Douche emailed to tell me that he cheated on me with the Skank while we were still together and that they are now engaged
  • Raged, cried, and raged some more


  • Moved into new apartment and gets along great with roomie
  • Met several friends from LTT in person
  • Felix was not happy with his living situation and so the litter box issues began
  • Continued to gain weight although technically dieting
  • One of my best friend gets married and no freak out (success!)


  • stuff, nothing particular
  • opened big mouth on twitter, but made new friends
  • Pledged to make it to LA next June/July


  • Short vacation with bestie in CT
  • Gained more weight
  • Had a “Eureka!” moment and secures blog name
Loses a bunch of weight due to severe anxiety attacks


  • Got promoted at work, without the title or money – oh wait, that’s not a promotion
  • Had mini freak-out before other bestie’s bridal shower (FUDGE!)
  • Wrote first blog post!


  • Twi-tour 2009/PNW trip and got to meet more friends from LTT
  • Twi-tour successfully distracts me from the date that would have been my wedding but then…
  • Bubby passed away at the age of 90 and I miss her terribly so
  • Decided to stop actively perusing a relationship with step sister because she has become a step monster clone
  • Gained weight on Twi-tour and from depression (what? doesn’t everyone eat their feelings?)


  • Friend from LTT flies all the way in from Chile!
  • Random run in with step mom and co at the Art Museum – VERY AWKWARD TURTLE
  • Bestie from CT gets married and I have another mini freak out
  • Was a reject contestant from SYTYCD for Halloween!


  • Gained more weight
  • Saw New Moon with great friends
  • Felix and his potty issues – damn cat
  • Work sucked the life force out of me


  • Gave up on diet when work vendors delivered delicious gourmet desserts on a near daily basis to office
  • Dreaded holidays with nothing to do
  • Noodle invited me up to NYC for Jewmas!
  • Booked a plane ticket for my next vacation to Los Angeles
  • Took an amazing trip to Dublin where I finally get kissed and like most boys that flirt with me, he’s under 25

So there it is folks. Definitely some bright spots in my year, but overall it hurt. Sometimes I felt so alone and abandoned.  I only hope that I push myself and become more active, find more things that I like, and really start liking the person that I am. 2010, I’m ready for you.


~ by BrookeLockart on January 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Farewell 2009, you sucked”

  1. *hugs*

    Pretty sure that “aught ten” is going to blow ’09 outta the water. You can put money on that prediction, because…You get to come to LA and we get to hang out together!!!!

  2. I love you! That’s it. 🙂

  3. Luv,
    From what I’ve heard 09 was supposed to be a year of change. From I witnessed it wasn’t for the good. So many relationships ended and there was a lot of sadness.
    All I can say is, “It’s a new year.”. You’re tweets make me smile and this blog made me teary. Hang in there. I know I don’t know you but sending you love can’t hurt, right? You’re a good person and you will own this year. *hugs*

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