Me want cookie!

I had such grand plans of hardcore dieting before my trip to Ireland, so I could be a little thinner and find me an Irishman to snog. Like most of my grand plans, the universe was working against me.

Last week alone, we had a vendor lunch or dinner four out of the five work days. On top of those decadent meals around the city, we had other vendors sending us gourmet chocolates, cookies, cakes, snacks, etc.

Work paid for our lunches today — cheese steaks. I opted for the semi-healthier route by going for the Chicken Cheese steak, but was ultimately fail when these arrived:

Hope's Heath Bar Crunch Cookie

This heavenly goodness went directly to my ass

All my will power went out the window and I ate three.  Hope’s Cookies are the most delicious baked items that ever existed and I will experience diet fail every time I am within 100 feet.

Guess I know what will be included in my New Year’s Resolution, again.

So since the diet restarts in 2010, does this mean I can eat more tomorrow? *fantasizes about mouth-watering cookies*


~ by BrookeLockart on December 22, 2009.

7 Responses to “Me want cookie!”

  1. No misspelled words!

    But now I want a cookie. Damn you.

  2. What happened to our weightlosswars challenge? are you still in? I’m still in if you are!

    … well, i’m back to being good AFTER christmas. Because i’m definitely eating some caramelized-onion mac and cheese this christmas… BECAUSE I CAN.

    bwahahaha. xo

  3. COOKIES. i love them
    and you
    blog more
    or else

  4. i hate being in moderation on wordpress.. i have no control. yikes. control freak

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