I get by with a little help from my friends



This coming Sunday would have been the day that I became Mrs. Uber Douche.  All joking aside, I am still crushed over what I thought my life was going to be and I miss the man that I thought he was.  It has been an extremely rough couple of weeks leading up to this date, but like any good girl scout*, I planned a head.


Hey Seattle, I think I'm going to love you. (Shh, Don't tell Philly)

Hey Seattle, I think I'm going to love you. (Shh, Don't tell Philly)

Back in March, I had just moved from my parent’s house to my bestie Noodle’s parent’s house.  I had a terrible falling out with my parents in February and lucky for me, Noodle’s parents considered me like a daughter (Noodle will often say they liked me better, I do not argue) and offered me a place to stay until I could afford to move out.  One night, I approached Noodle about going on vacation with me during Labor Day weekend to avoid me being a complete train wreck, popping pills, and ruing the day that UD was born. I explained to her how I’d love to go somewhere different, someplace I hadn’t been and obviously fun. Since I was still obsessing over Twilight, the idea of visiting the Pacific Northwest popped into my head.


Forks, LaPush, Port Angeles... OH MY!

Forks, LaPush, Port Angeles... OH MY!

I know deep down in my heart, that I will love Seattle. Even before Twilight, I had always wanted to go, it just seems like my kind of city. Noodle and I decided to add the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver to our trip, and Twi-Tour 09 was born. Although this trip sounds pretty amazing as is, something even better happened since early March…


I have made amazing friends through LTT. I speak to these girls almost everyday in some form or another. One of these special ladies, is Marta.

I hear they are filming some Tween movie here.

I hear they are filming some Tween movie here.


 Marta came to visit me back in June .  She flew down from Boston to Philly to hang out with me and another great lady I met through LTT, Janetrigs! She took a chance on our friendship and it worked out wonderfully. I knew she’d love to join Noodle and Me on Twi-Tour ’09. Then we convinced Freya (another LTT bestie) to join us on at least our Seattle portion of our vacation. I did my best to convince some others to go, but time/money/controlling husbands were got in the way. I’ll forgive them someday for not joining us. 😉




Twi-Tour ’09/Pacific Northwest Tour Itinerary

  • 9/4/09  – Arrive in Seattle, Washington
  • 9/7/09 – Leave for Forks, Washington
  • 9/9/09 – Ferry to Victoria, Canada
  • 9/9/09 – Ferry to Vancouver, Canada
  • 9/12/09 – Drive back to Seattle and fly home


In honor of all of my friends new and old that are helping me get through this year, I dedicate this song to you:




It appears that I am making progress on my list!


*I was never a girl scout. I tried Daisies for a week, but who knew 5-yr-olds could be mean bitches?


~ by BrookeLockart on September 3, 2009.

14 Responses to “I get by with a little help from my friends”

  1. Awwww! I ❤ you. And we're going to have the BEST time on our trip. We are putting all the shite in our lives aside and focusing on having a shinanigan-filled adventure. We ARE. I can't wait to catch all our moments in photos AND video. Oh yeah. Beware. You think I'm taking a picture, when in reality I'm actually videoing (a word?) b/c sometimes shinanigans need moving pictures and audio. I'm stealth like that.

    I have a feeling I won't want to come home. I'll prolly want to move.


    P.S. I can't see the vid at work so I will watch your dedication later. 🙂

  2. Have fun BB! Wish I could be there to go crazy with you gals! This was a great post. You are sounding more and more free despite the impending date. Blog writing is very healing.

    PS how long will you be in the Forks? Staying at some crazy inn there? Please say yes, so that awesome pics follow. ❤ your face! And Freya's, Marta's, & Stagey's.

  3. you will LOVE seattle it is pretty amazeballs if i do say so myself. im so sad i couldnt join you all. im gonna be kicking myself saturday. oh wells. another time.

    and dude JOE COCKER. the definition of amazeballs. i LOVE this song. so perfs for this post.

  4. I hope you get out there and party your motherflipping face off. I know you’re going to have a blast, and I’m super jealous of you in the nerdiest way possible. I hope you plan on sharing like 400 bazillion photos of all the awesomeness so I can live vicariously through you.

    That said, <3's to you. You seem like such a strong person and I'm glad you have these friends to help you through this time. Have a BLAST. And don't forget your twitter-friends who will be dying for updates. Tweet if you can! Have a safe trip and a blast!

    P.S. kickass song.

    • Riddle me this: how many times can one say “have a blast” in one posting? Sheesh.

      Oh, and I love my avi. It’s SO PISSED.

  5. Well, HB, you said have a blast 3 times. Just sayin’….

    I hope to meet you here in my adopted home town, I am sure you will love it if it doesn’t rain on your face the entire time you are here… Send me a text or an email when you get in!! Happy travels!

    Also, it sounds like not becoming Mrs UD was the right choice for you, and planning a trip with your main biatches was a PERFECT solution. You will, in fact, have a blast!!

    (shoot, I only said it twice)
    (yes, I said shoot)

  6. You all make a girl smile. Thank you all for the great comments and feedback.

    BIG HUGS!!!

  7. you leave TOMORROW?

    holy crap. it was just yesterday that you asked me & nik to go in your first email to me


    • no no, it is tomorrow. 9/6/09 is Sunday, the day I was supposed to marry the jackass. And yeah, you probably thought me crazy when I asked you, but now you kinda wish you could go, right? 🙂

  8. i re-read the post.
    you leave 9/6
    but you said 9/4 at the end
    hence the confusion

    ❤ confused buttons

  9. Freaking controlling husbands…xo

    Have a blast you swingin, single girlies! Take LOTS of pics.

    And lez life partner…he doesn’t know what he had…justsayin.

  10. Reading this I am very angry at myself that I don’t twitt or hang on LTT/LTR more.
    I was in Seattle and Vancouver from 30. Aug – 5. Sept and wouldn’t mind to move the dates to meet with you for a drink or a fun evening out.
    I wanted to go to Olympic Peninsula since I first heard of Kurt Cobain and the Twilight hype just added to my wish. I didn’ t get to see Forks b/c I ran out of time, but it was a great trip and I wish you girls to have fun as well.
    The only thing I regret was that I missed Keane and Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon gigs. Visit one of them for me and say HI to alex Turner of AM for me.

  11. An update! I’m back from Seattle, where I got to hang with the girls for a couple of days. We went sightseeing, met up with LaPushBaby, ate some good food (go to 13 Coins for dinner if you ever go to Seattle!), relaxed, and basically just had fun. I hope we helped with Brooke’s rough day, but I am so glad she didn’t become Mrs. Uber Douche, because she is worth so much more than that.

    Brooke, I love your face, girly.

  12. […] I planned a holiday (that’s how the Brits say vacation) to Dublin for New Years.  Unlike my trip to the PNW that I never recapped, this post would get done…with pictures…while I’m hopped up […]

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