Yo Philly, I think I love you

It was never my first choice of places to move, but the ex was jobless and was offered a great position.  Ten months later, I packed my bags and moved 1,000 miles away to the state where people go to die: Florida.  I generally get two reactions from people when I explain how I hated that ass backwards state. Its either, “how could you not love it, the weather, the pace, the beaches” or I get, “oh that place is hellish, the weather, the pace, the beaches!” Yes, the beaches were hellish, at least on the gulf side. The sun is always strong, the beaches have no breeze and the water is always as hot as it is outside. So you sit, baking, with no relief only to go into the gulf and realize you are still sweating. NASTY.

This East Coaster's HELL

This East Coaster's HELL

I never expected to experience culture shock moving within the United States. For goodness sake, I lived in France for six months while in college and I didn’t have as hard of a time adjusting! Lets just say it was very difficult for me to make friends, everything was too spread out, the pace of life was awfully slow and well, frankly, I was just too young to live in that state. I could go on and on about what I hated , but I’d like to focus more on the positive…. I got the HELL out.

As my so-called life deteriorated due to pure douchebaggery from the EX, it became apparently clear that I needed to move.  Part of me felt like a failure, for not being about to move on while still living in the state. As fate would have it lay-offs at my company forced my hand.  Luckily, I was still employed, but my small support group of friends got the axe.  My closest friend in Florida had to move across the state for financial reasons.  Fast forward six weeks, and two of my closest friends and one of my brothers (the List brother) flew down to help me move back to Philadelphia, the city I love.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Went away to school at Penn State, lived in France, moved back to Philly and lived in Manayunk, did my time in hell and back to Philly I went.  Now I had been thinking about moving to either Philly or DC (DC is an amazing city), but lucked out with a job in Center City Philadelphia.  I now know that I am an East Coast city girl through and through. I like the pace, the diversity of people,  being able to take public transportation, live our country’s history, eat in some of the country’s best restaurants, be close to other major cities like New York and DC.  I love Philly.  I really, truly do!

And since I feel like a girl in love…I’d like to share some amazing pictures of my city.

The Ben Franklin Parkway was designed to emulate the Champs-Élyées (I still remember my French accent keyboard shortcuts! kudos to me).

Aerial View of the Art Museum, Ben Franklin Parkway and the cityscape

Aerial View of the Art Museum, Ben Franklin Parkway and the cityscape

Credit: Photo by B. Krist for GPTMC – Source: GoPhila.com

The beautiful Center City Philadelphia skyline from the Schuylkill (Pronounced Skoolkill) River.



Photo by B. Krist for GPTMC – Source: GoPhila.com

Aww, the city loves me back! This is Love Park, you may have seen this as my Avatar from time to time.

Love Park!

Love Park!

Credit: Photo by J. Smith for GPTMC – Source: GoPhila.com

Now that I have shared some amazing photos of Philadelphia with you and a little bit of my love for the city, I am happy to say this one is crossed off the list.

Florida, sorry that I hate you so, but don’t worry people are getting closer to death each year and making you their home.

Anyone else hatin’ on Florida? Do you love Philly too?


~ by BrookeLockart on August 31, 2009.

21 Responses to “Yo Philly, I think I love you”

  1. Okay Even though you are hatin’ on my home state, the land that I was born and raised in, I can see why you don’t love it. I am sure if you would have had a more positive experience there you would see it differently and I am okay with that(I basically don’t like it bc my whole family still lives there). We can be like the Robstens/Nonstens we can simply agree to disagree. What I am gonna say is that I am glad that you have a place that you love so much and that makes you feel so happy. It is obviously where you are meant to be and is the place where you will find the answers to your future. PS those pics make me want to take a trip to Philly very soon 🙂

  2. Philly is a gorgeous city. I only ever visited once, and very briefly at that, but I NEED to go back again sometime soon.

    I personally don’t know if I could ever move out of the Northeast… I definitely couldn’t do Florida (if for the humidity alone). I could probably do cities elsewhere – I lived in London for 4 months in college and LOVED it, and thoroughly enjoyed a visit to San Francisco a few years back. But I need that faster pace… The South is a wonderful place, but it’s not home for me.

    Though, that being said, I give you a TON of credit for giving it a shot. Seriously. Picking up and moving all that way? Seriously impressive. Something like that takes some serious guts, lady. And the more I read about you, the more I realize what a badass you can be. Seriously, you should be proud of yourself!

    Keep up the writing!

  3. I have been to FL exactly 4 times to visit hubs’s grammy in Fort Myers. Need I say more? That place is bizarre. We did fly into Orlando once, and had REALLY GOOD sushi there. That is about all I remember about Orlando, other than the fact that I am the only person with children to fly to Orlando and not go to DisneyWorld….

    I was lucky enough to spend one day in Philly this summer, and I def want to go back! We did the whole downtown history tour, and then to the Terminal Market for cheesesteaks. My son politely asked for a cup of water with his sandwich and the guy working there about fell over laughing and said Where are you from? NO ONE drinks the water here, have a coke! He (my son) thought that was really funny….

    As for me, I am born and raised west coast. Grew up in San Francisco, and now in Seattle. I will stay out here for life, it’s just the way I am, like you are about Philly. This is where I belong, transplanting would be hard on me, I am sure. Esp to Florida…..

  4. 4th!!

    yo brookie, i think i love you!

    so there’s a reason they say florida is the penis of america…

    ps i wanna visit!

  5. Never been to Philly. But since it’s my neighboring state, I grew up going to Florida. I love Sanibel Island…Ft. Walton Beach…Tallahassee…and Key West. It’s not a southern state, by any means…it’s a conglomerate of many cultures. But I still love it. And nowhere is Georgia, aka God’s country. xoxo

  6. Brookie, I know exactly how you felt about Florida, cause I felt the same about San Diego when I lived there! (Sorry VixB). I did meet friends here and there, but was mostly left there longing for the east coast, all my friends, and my family, with every breath of my soul. Funny thing though, once I actually started feeling better about it, I had to move, but to another CA city.

    Here’s to East Coast Girls!

  7. I should say that I lived in a beautiful location and I think the state is a great place to visit (not in the summer though, seriously its a huge steam bath, all the time). Visiting GOOD – Living there BAD.

    Funny though, I do have friends that lived on the other side of the state, moved from the Northeastern US and really love it. To each their own, right?

    Happy to say that I will be making my first trip to the West coast later this week! I think that I may fall a littl in love with Seattle. I have a good feeling. Should post about that later in the week.

  8. i went to philly in april for work. i agree…it’s an amazing place! i loved it!

  9. I firmly believe that there’s a home for everybody. I have a good friend that adores Florida and would live there if she could. On the other hand, like you, there isn’t enough money in the world for me to live there.

    I lived for a couple of years in NJ (the nice part, not the armpit part) and visited Philly several times. I completely understand why you would love it. I adored it the times that we visited.

    Home for me is Nashville, TN. With Charleston, SC and (from waaaaaay out in left field) Santa Barbara, CA coming in a close second.

  10. I’ve never been to Philly but I have been to FL almost every year of my life since birth but on vaca. And by ‘on vaca’ I mean the last 10 yrs I’ve gone there I’ve been tipsy most of the trip. So I could’ve been in Branson and loved it.
    I totally don’t think I could live there, though. It’s great for Grams but if you are under 50, I can see things that would get old after a week.
    St. Louis is my home and while I have lived elsewhere (AZ, HI, OR) and I may live other places in the future, it will always draw me back.
    Et Je suis jaloux de vous. Je voudrais habiter en France un jour. 😉

  11. I have never been to Philly but plan to soon 😉 I have however been to FL…did.not.like.it!! Something about it felt off/wrong and I couldn’t deal with the fact that some of the boys were too pretty(Miami & South Beach) idk…i’m originally from chicago and even though I like it I would never live there againand I’m honestly tired of TX…I’ve been west coast dreamin for a while now…maybe soon I can actually move out there! 🙂

  12. Only been once but need to go back so much history and truly so much love!

  13. I have never been to either state (yes, I live a sheltered life) but I know a TON of ppl who do in fact go to Florida basically to die …so I can imagine what the lifestyle, pace and social atmosphere must be like! I am glad you were able to find your way home 😉

    You make Philly sound so good. I will certainly be adding this to my list of places to visit 🙂

  14. uggh. florida. armpit of America.

    my fav’ place is ‘down the shore’ you know that…

  15. I live in Philly too, and I have to say there is no place else I would rather be. It’s so beautiful and so rich in culture. I love how even though it’s a big city- it still kinda has that small town vibe to it. The people are so friendly…alright, friendly might not be the word. But they’re nicer than NYC. Just walking around downtown aimlessly is one of the funnest things you can do. I wish I knew how to post a picture here because there are so many great things to see and experience.

    I haven’t been to FL, but I have a friend who lives there…even shes not happy. Michigan is bleak (all highways and landscapes), Pheonix is too hot, and don’t even get me started on LA…

  16. […] Left Hell for a lessor version of Hell (moved back in with my parents – that is, after begging them) […]

  17. I moving back to Philly in Sept.2010 I had move to florida twice and stay for seven years total and still feeling the same way when I first move here. My heart was not feeling it to well. I live in florida right now and really don’t care for the life style, to much sun and humid, scare of torndores and hurricans, under pay jobs, do not like to live among snakes,alligators,raccons and others creatures in my walk ways, prejudice a lot, boring, too too laid back, may I say more. Philly is where I truly want to be, it something keep drawing me back. I like the old homes because the hold a lot of details, the cheesesteak and water ice, block parties, good paying jobs,family,friends,mass transportation,historain city,different cultures,four season(summer,winter,fall and spring), seeing people period, the fancy clothes and restaurants. YO I LOVE PHILLY TO. If anyone thinks that I making a bad move let me know because I’m going back home being jobless leaving a job but is so unhappy here and will be trying to look for another job hoping the best. I do feel good about this move but if anyone out there feel that I’m make a bad move or have and suggestion please reply.

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